Hi there and thanks for visiting,

I'm Ange, the one behind the lens and keyboard.

Through 'ange stirling photography' I have the incredible opportunity to share stories through words, capture moments through images and meet awesome and inspiring people.

I grew up in a small border town surrounded by family and friends, riding horses, swimming in the river and listening to the classics.  These days I reside in the Dalby area with my family consisting of a very patient husband, two beautiful-yet-cheeky children and our sausage dog, Frank. My amazing childhood instilled the importance of loved ones, to appreciate the beauty in everyday and the magic of the simple things in life.  These fundamentals combined with my lifelong love of writing and photography, in addition to my fascination for the power of words and imagery and their ability to evoke emotions has resulted in a dream come true with the reality of 'ange stirling photography'.

I am a Virgo (stay with me, there is a point to this oversharing) and hence I am cursed/blessed with a trait that seeks perfection.  However, my candid and honest style of writing and photography totally contradicts this trait as I am a firm believer that everyone has their own 'perfect' and embody their own 'beautiful'. 

Like all art forms, writing and photography are subjective; there are no rights or wrongs.  It is what appeals to your eye, what moves you to the point where a tear runs down your cheek or fills your heart to the brim with joy.  My strengths are in the art of observing and documenting 'you being you' and I will openly admit that my weakness lies in poses and props.

If you share my love for genuine and heartfelt words and images, I would love the opportunity to meet you and play a part in your story.

Ange x